Welcome to Taste of Holladay

We hope you’re hungry!
Our first annual, and our first of this type, tasting event featuring the vibrant food community in Holladay.

According to Selena Kontuly, event coordinator and board member. “We wanted a way to celebrate the food scene that is unique to Holladay and to introduce our businesses to new people here in our community and surrounding cities.” The Taste of Holladay passport is redeemable as often as participants choose during the event period Sept. 7–20. There is one sampling at each participating business. “We hope the passport holders visit as many of the eateries as they can,” Kontuly said.

Source Holladay Journal - Check out the city’s culinary offerings with the Taste of Holladay
Aug 29, 2019 09:57AM ● By Stephanie DeGraw

Presented by the Holladay Chamber of Commerce, Taste of Holladay is your opportunity to sample the fantastic restaurants that Holladay has to offer. All passports are valid from September 7 – 20, 2019.
This is a mobile-exclusive program – you must have a smartphone in order to redeem your tastings at each participating restaurant.
More restaurants are being added weekly, so pick up your passport today to taste your way through Holladay’s booming restaurant scene!

How It Works

1. The Taste of Holladay Passport includes food tasting at Holladay’s best restaurants. The program is valid from September 7-20, 2019 and is intended to support our local businesses.

2. Your passport will be instantly delivered to your phone and email, and is ready to use immediately!

There is no app to download. You can easily save the passport to your phone’s home screen for easy one-stop access.

3. When visiting a restaurant, simply present your phone to redeem your food tasting. More restaurants are being added weekly, so purchase today!

steps to redeem tasting passport

Participating Restaurants (so far… check back, our list keeps growing):

Caputos Holladay
There are food lovers. Then there are food nerds. Our market staff is not only friendly, but they’re downright knowledgeable about the food. Through hands-on training, workshops with food artisans, and a sheer love of the good stuff, Caputo’s staff strives to provide customers with the best flavors from around the world as well as from local producers.
Caputo’s Sea Salted Chocolate Chunk Cookie

3 Cups
Currently brewing beans from Salt Lake City-based Blue Copper Roasters and La Barba and serving Salt Lake City’s best sweet and savory baked goods made in house by out pastry chefs, Jacquelene Smith and Jamie King
3 choices of gelato along with a special pairing menu to enhance the flavors.
The gelato chocies are:
1. Vanilla Spice with house-made Apple filling
2. Authentic Mexican Horchata gelato
3. Silky blood orange sorbetto
Participants will get one scoop of gelato.
All gelato and sorbetto is made in house with the freshest ingredients and they use local products whenever possible.

Cotton Kitchen
An Upscale Counter Service Restaurant. Serving Breakfast all Day and Lunch. International Cuisine.
Butter Chicken

Cafe Trio Cottonwood
Cafe Trio is a spacious, casual but elegant restaurant serving fine contemporary Italian cuisine. With its accessible menus & popular Trio dishes, it’s a favorite destination for the many local residents & business personnel in the area. Menu favorites are their signature flatbreads, delicious thin crust pizzas, Lemon Chicken Salad & Trio Meatball Pasta.
The unique decor & layout of Trio perfectly accommodates parties as small as two or as large as 150.
Creamy Parmesan Polenta with Garlic, Onion and Thyme Mushrooms

Capt. Lens BBQ
Len was born in the high deserts of Utah in the 50’s. Some twenty years later he escaped to the seven seas. Capt. Len scraped and saved and bought a sailboat. On one sail down the Washington Coast, a member of the crew caught a salmon just right for barbecuing. The Captain created his Sea Breeze Fish Rub that day on the boat.

Capt. Len has sailed from the Pacific to the Caribbean and the coasts of Africa. From the spice markets of Morocco to the back roads or Jamaica to Grandma Burgess’ apple orchard, Capt. Len has put together flavors to create his original sauces and rubs; which not only enhance the flavors of your meats, but also seal in the meats’ natural juices, keeping his chicken, ribs, brisket, and pork moist and juicy.
Choice of 1 Smoked Baby Back Ribs or 2 Smoked Wings

Fav Bistro
FAV Bistro the newest adventure for owner Anny Sooksri the fourth addition to her family of restaurants. A combination of all of Anny’s favorite flavors, concepts.
Curry Puff & Tom Kar

Great Harvest
Great Harvest Bread Holladay is your whole grain breads bakery in Holladay, Utah. From milling our own wheat daily in our bakery to creating beautiful Holladay gift baskets, our passion for phenomenal baked goods is the reason for everything we do. Come by our Holladay breads bakery soon for a free slice of fresh bread! Enjoy the enticing aroma and warm surroundings of your local bakery!
Variety of Breads and Sweets Throughout the Day with Quartered Sandwiches During Lunch Hours

Iced is owned and operated by the Gibbs Family and located in Holladay, Utah. The ice cream and gelato is crafted in-house from recipes that have been perfected over years of family use, using premium ingredients. The waffle cones and bubble cones (think fresh dessert waffles) are made in-house daily. Please note, ICED is closed during the first part of our event. Plan to visit them between Sept. 10-20th.
Double Scoop of Gelato in a Housemade Sugar Cone or Single Scoop of Gelato in a Bubble Cone

My Pie
The My Pie guys and every employee in every restaurant are committed to giving guests the experience of NY energy and great New York pizza!
1/2 Order of Garlic Knots

Pig & A Jelly Jar
Pig & a Jelly Jar serves a fresh, from scratch menu with
a unique twist on southern comfort food.
Chicken and Waffles

Narra Asian Bistro
We are a full-service Asian restaurant open for lunch and dinner, seven days a week throughout the year
Flight Through Manilla

Oh Mai – Holladay
Our mission is to serve delicious and healthy food.
Every dish is made in-house with our special blend of spices and sauces,
our broth is cooked and simmered over a long period of time.
This cooking process produces its own uniqueness; which results
In a bold, full range complexity in their own flavors and fragrances.
Our menu indulges to the variety of culinary influences from Southeast Asia,

Honey Glazed Pork Sandwich

Cafe Madrid
Cafe Madrid strives to provide a cultural Spanish experience for all of your senses. Starting with the menu and it’s authentic Spanish roots, it consists of a wide variety of hot and cold tapas, entree sized plates, tasty deserts, and a fantastic wine list.
Fried Calamari with Garlic Aioli

Auntie Rae’s Dessert Island
Auntie Rae’s is a place to have long conversations and indulge your sweet tooth. No clocks are found, just warm places to read, talk or reflect.
Medium Ice Cream Cup of Dole Pineapple Ice Cream (soft serve)

Real Taqueria
We’re passionate about creating tasty, authentic, high-quality food and experiences around the Mexican cuisine.
Choose Between Meat and Veggie Taco

Sobe Eats
Our hearts and passions reside with traditional Southern Mexican cuisine. We blend unconventional ideas with Acapulco flavors. Come share a plate!
Mini Tostada Bite: Fresh guacamole , roasted potato and choose from 2 of our proteins – boneless short rib or slow roasted chicken

Taco Time
Longtime Mexican fast-food chain serving tacos, crisp burritos & kids’ meals in simple surrounds
Cinnamon Crustos

Taqueria 27 Holladay
Taqueria 27’s are locally owned by husband and wife team Chef Todd and Kristin Gardiner. They work alongside a dedicated Staff to ensure that each location is welcoming and provide guests with a high level of interesting food, beverages and service. Each T27 has it’s own unique charm that comes across in the food, drinks and atmosphere.
1 Order of T27 Chips and Salsas (2 Salsas)

A traditional, innovative Indian cuisine balanced by an array of exotic spices. We offer a perfect blend of northern and southern dishes in an inviting atmosphere of modern elegance and sophistication.

What’s Included
Samosa appetizer (dine in only please)

El Sarten
We offer a variety Italian pastas. You choose between the pastas, salsas, and toppings based on your preferences. The chef will make a perfect combination!

What’s Included
Pasta, Burger and Taco

Maize Homestyle Tacos
The authentic taste of MAIZE TACOS comes from family recipes and from fresh, simple and tasteful ingredients straight from home. In every taco there is a bit of true Mexican culture and flavor.

What’s Included

Summerhays Halibut N Chips
What’s Included
1 Piece of Deep Fried Halibut

Suzy Thai Food
What’s Included
Choice of Small Thai Rice Bowl